DIY Ghost Hunting Equipment – Electro Magnetic Pump

This is a great reference for making a DIY “Electromagnetic Pump”. This piece of equipment makes a great addition to anyones ghost hunting arsenal.
This video by Rich Horn slowly and accurately constructs a very inexpensive piece of ghost hunting equipment. I spent a total of $20.00 to assemble all the pieces. A few differences between my design and his. Rich was able to get his hands on a Xbox 360 hard drive motor. I found this piece to be hard to come by, so I went to my local Axeman to find a small motor. I found one, which took 6 volts instead of 3. Another difference is the magnet. I used an old hard drive magnet instead of his round natural earth magnet. I looked everywhere for the same magnets he used and found it difficult. Hard drive magnets where much easier to find and just as powerful if not more. The last difference is shock absorbers. I mounted the motor on a bed of rubber pucks. I also put pucks underneath  the pump to cut down on noise contamination. Making sure our ghost hunting equipment does not interrupt other parts of a paranormal investigation is always something we are focused on.

In conclusion I found this project to be very easy to tackle. Finding all the pieces was the most difficult hurdle. We will be testing its usefulness at our next paranormal investigation which will be a live streamed event at Villisca Iowa.


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