A Minnesota Paranormal Group 1-18-2013 Villisca » A Minnesota Paranormal Group
Nicolas Slatiner

Axe Murder House
Villisca, Iowa

  • The journey begins

  • Piano Playing

    (Warning Strong Language used)
    We had three investigators in the house running an EVP session in the kids’ room upstairs. During a brief silence, two of the investigators heard what sounded like a couple of notes on the piano. They asked out loud if the “pianist” downstairs could do it again. The tones were repeated. It sounded as though two upper-octave keys were tapped, making two quick sounds.

  • Disembodied Footsteps

    Two of us were heading down stairs after an EVP session. We had tried a more stern provoking technique during our EVP session, and while the last investigator made it to the bottom of the stairs. They heard disembodied footsteps running down the stairs behind them. This would be the first time disembodied footsteps occured during the night.

  • Foot Steps

    This audio file is both an EVP and a personal experience. The louder, heavier, disembodied footsteps were actually heard by the investigators, while the lighter footsteps were only captured on our voice recorder. This event happened while only two investigators occupied the house, located on the top floor in the children’s bedroom. The footsteps came walking toward them from the attic while they were lying on the bed near the window.

  • End of The Night Summery

    All and all it was a fairly quiet night. We had a couple of personal experiences and EVP's. We caught no video evidence the whole night. The hope was to capture the attic door slamming like in Ghost Adventurers, but unfortunately the door didn't move even an inch. We had a great time and look forward to our return.